Music video Model

Music video models are hard to find. Luckily Lorenzo Pier found me on Facebook. Lorenzo is not only a very talented music artist but also a very talented photographer. The night before the video he messaged me and asked if I was available. I told him yes, as I always prioritize my modeling work above all. I arrived in Malibu to this beautiful place, we took some pictures. He had professional dancers do a dance and then we left to continue filming at a different location. I was fortunate enough to meet his wife and learn about the journey that led him to meeting NEYO and  and that inspired me to continue with my craft as well. At the end of the night everyone was more than happy with the outcome and I felt grateful to have met them. I can’t wait until they come back to town.

J'Vonte- Ballers (Official Music Video)

music video model

J’Vonte was the first music artist that I booked with my talent manager Elizabeth. She has a boutique agency called EMODELS TALENT. She found me on Instagram and I was fortunate enough to begin working with her right away. She gave me real opportunities that have benefited my career.

music video model

Vic was the first music artist kind enough to ask me to be in his music video. He found me on Instagram and flew in from Georgia to film his music video here. It was really fun being a part of it and created very fond memories for me.