Magazine Publications

Magazine Publication Cover

These are all of my magazine publications! Each title takes you to more magazine publications by that magazine. The first magazine I was published in is EVM. They found me on Facebook and reached out to sign me on to work with them. I was so exited to be working with a magazine, I agreed to sign with them without even knowing how my pictures would be taken. I had to take my own pictures in the beginning because I was brand new in the industry and didn’t know any photographers willing to help me out. It didn’t take long before a few photographers reached out and we were able to accomplish everything seen above and more.

The friendships created have been amazing, I love working with great people. The first time I got a cover feature I couldn’t believe it! It was like something telling me I am on the right path and I should keep working hard because it will definitely pay off. I was most proud of my cover in a sports issue, it was amazing. It made me realize anything is possible and helps fuel me to keep trying to get bigger, and more frequent publications. I’ve been published on different covers a few more times since. I am constantly working towards improving my technique to keep growing at my craft, it is my passion.